A very good magician, he has done some wonderful work.


Born in Lucknow and now based in Delhi, Sanjog is a highly accomplished magician. He has performed in mostly all the parts of India and has got recognition for his excellent work from various state governments. He has also been recognized by the National Government. Being born in a family where both his mother and father were magicians, he was bound to follow their footsteps and become a magician. At present, he is the organizer of †œChoo manter and Party†. It is an organization that helps in organizing magic shows for corporate events, and various other different kinds of events. They also do magic shows for various social events and help raise awareness about various social issues. Very successful, he is still looking for more opportunities and make an even bigger career.
Performance Details
Performing Members 1
Off-Stage Members 1
Performance Duration 30 - 40
Open To Travel Nationwide
Location not provided
Events Preferred