Magician Proloy

Magician proloy, is a great in tricking people. He is a skillful magician and carries secrets of hypnotism. He manages to leave his audiences in wonder!

Kolkata, West Bengal

MAGICIAN(Close up Magicians,Hypnotist,Illusionist,Mind Reader,Stage Magicians)


With his magic, people feel wonder struck. With his magic, people are taken aback. He is super skillful when it comes to tricking people.Yes! Tricking people, is  a skill. But when it’s done right, and with an intention to entertain, people surely pay heed. Magician Proloy has come a long way, practising the art, behind magic.Although we know it’s a deception wrapped in beauty, yet it takes years of efforts, to be a professional at being a magician. Time and again it is important for people to witness magic,  because that’s what takes us above of the small, logical mind, and the limited way of our seeing. As we see something which hits our logic, we surely realize there are many things worth looking upto, that don’t fit in our logical understanding. Magician Proloy has the skill to challenge the small sight, and take people to a flight of confusion, wonder and fun. He infact has knowledge of hypnotism, and he performs on stage and posts videos on social media. Hypnotism, again, is more of a science, which can be explored. It’s an amazing phenomenon to witness Proloy performing.

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