Magician Khan

A talented,outgoing magician who is known for his cool and interactive demeanor, Magician Khan is among the best entertainers out there.

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

MAGICIAN(Close up Magicians,Illusionist,Mind Reader,Stage Magicians)


Magician Khan is a young but extremely skilled magician, adept at leaving people astounded and wondering with every one of his tricks. His audience has no option but to applaud in wonder, while trying to figure out exactly how did he do that. He is extremely adept at mind reading and those tricks get him the most applause and are the ones he can pull off anywhere. He is also an illusionist and combines it very well with mind reading to create an added impact. ? He also can vary his set as a stage magician, who is distant and does some unbelievable stuff. But he is best at being amongst the people and doing close-up magic and engaging them all. He has done numerous shows ranging from general functions, school events, to mega corporate events and every time the audience is more often than not shocked and surprised and applaud his skills. His forte are his ability to engage and interact with the audience, making them a part of his tricks. This cool, outgoing style does create a very positive impact and all those involved love it, when they see the unbelievable tricks right before their eyes with their own involvement. The best of Lucknow, Magician Khan is always a great addition to any event. C

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