Magician Anil Kale

This young, cheerful, mysterious magician is the best out of Indore. Children's favourite and much sought after for show Magician Anil Kale is a star on his own

Indore, Madhya Pradesh

MAGICIAN(Close up Magicians,Illusionist,Stage Magicians)


Magician Anil Kale is hailed as one of the best magicians in the city of Indore in Madhya Pradesh. He is young, dynamic, has a good stage presence but is a master of illusionary tricks. His magic is elegant and performed with simple everyday objects. The tricks arouse a state of wonder, as they are simple tasks but beyond comprehension. A young and friendly face but with a lot of tricks up his sleeve. His magic shows are great, and are meant for the common folk. They are entertaining, build up curiosity and Magician Anil continues to defy the logic throughout and thus continues to get huge applauds with every trick he pulls out of his hat. His children's shows are extremely hit. He has mastered the art of getting the children along and not doing something that they would not comprehend. He is their favourite for Birthday parties and similar events. He is also very sought after for events like Sangeet, where the crowd loves something out of the ordinary. Magician Anil has numerous shows aligned continuously every month and is the kind of magician that soon becomes everyone's favourite

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