People's enthusiastic presence in every show portrays LRB''s undoubted popularity of the band


LRB is a LIVE band based out of the capital city of West Bengal, Kolkata.
LRB started to play LIVE gigs for flood victims and their history of proceeding began. Millions of music loving people accepted their music with love. People’s enthusiastic presence in every show portrays the undoubted popularity of the band among them.
With the eagerness to create something revolutionary, LRB released their first debut in 1992, which was a double album of Bangladeshi music history and entirely a new concept in Bangladeshi music and to the listeners as well. 
LRB believe in self-criticism, in the salvation of their souls. That is why the band remains nonparallel in their type of music. Ayub Bachchu, mostly known as AB, is famous for his fabulous guitar playing. Along with the band, AB also enjoys a solo entity and tremendous fan acceptance. Apart from band albums, AB released seven fantastic solo albums.
LRB performed in more than thousand of gigs in the home and abroad. Their first show outside the country was held in India. It was in 1997 at Jadavpur University. At the same time, Ayub Bachchu was invited as a judge at the rock fest held in M Joka.
In 1998, LRB went for their first international tour in the USA and they played in seven states. Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Japan, Germany, Austria (Vienna), Italy all these are the other Asian countries where the band performed.
In the year 2000, they went for their second tour in the USA. In Europe, the band played its first show in Austria in the year 2002. They also have played in the United Kingdom and Australia. LRB is the only Bangla rock band which played their music in the famous Madison Square Garden.
LRB had a few concerts between the years 2003-2006 at abroad. LRB performed twice in Rome, Belgium, they also performed Frankfurt of Germany. LRB performed at Singapore and Hong Kong.
At Singapore, they performed at Fort Canyon Park stage. By this time, LRB played at Wembley Arena, London. In the year 2005 and 2006, LRB executed at many stages of India.
Band Members:

  • Ayub Bachchu – Guitar, Vocals
  • Saidul Hasan – Bass Guitar
  • Abdullah Al Masud – Guitar, Backing Vocals
  • Arif Monwar Shishir – Drums