Living Among Death

LAD is about people who don't give up on their hope, aspiration and beliefs, even when surrounded by the death, or even when things may not go right!

Karbi Anglong, Assam

LIVE BAND(Alternative,Indie,Metal,Progressive,Rock)


Living Among Death – LAD is a LIVE band based out of Karbi Anglong, Assam. Formed in September 2008, LAD was initially known as Lad Pearly Gates. In their initial years, they just wanted to gain popularity. After many years of hard work and jamming, the band decided to move to the next level. The band also began taking part in competitions at local, regional and national levels. Living Among Death is about people who don’t give up even when their death knocks their door. The band is conceptualized on love, hope, building relationships, freedom, corruption, beliefs, and everything that is beautiful and inspiring. Members: Timothy Singnar – Vocals John Barlow – Rhythm Guitar Harmon Kro – Lead Guitar Bilom Rongpi – Bass Guitar Elvis Ingti – Drums

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