Little Babooshka's Grind (LBG)

The band was formed in 1995 with the sole aim to promote original music and contribute to the growing independent music scene

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

LIVE BAND(Alternative,Blues,Metal,Pop,Reggae,Rock)


Little Babooshka's Grind is a LIVE band based out of Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The band was formed in 1995 with the sole aim to promote original music and contribute to the growing independent music scene. The rock band consists of the Janakiram brothers – Arjun, Avneet and Aum – with James B Boskey on keys, Marky Spitneck on drums, and UD Kiran behind the console. Starting off as a progressive metal college band in 1995, over the years, the Janakiram brothers went through numerous lineup-changes to discover their passion for original music in the cover-dominated rock 'n' roll scene. With a quirky name and favourite tunes like Scarawag, Money, Breathe, Bad Children, and Super Cat from their three studio releases, LBG has found a place in the Indian rock n roll hall of fame as one of the top bands in the country for their unique style and energetic performances all over the country. In 1998, they released their first studio record, titled Blue Butterfly Express, which topped the charts in India along with bands like Pentagram, Taaq and Millenium. It was termed as an electronica album by listeners with only 25 CDs and 100 tapes released. Lost in Space, Blue Butterfly Express and House of Cards were the favorite songs from the EP. Their third release – Bad Children – was nominated for the Best Indian Rock Album of the year by RSJ Readers poll in 2007 along with artists like Pentagram, Taaq, Blackstratblues and Dream Out Loud. The band has also organized a series of charity shows to raise funds for tsunami-affected victims in 2005 and continues to donate the development funds to areas affected by natural disasters through show proceedings and merchandise sales. In 2002, with the introduction of Vasanth David on drums and Praveen Heinrich and Arjun on vocals, LBG set upon to record their second album, titled This Animal is called the Wallet, consisting of 16 songs with genres ranging from rock to reggae, metal to pop and blues to acoustic. Money was the instant hit on the album, which was re-released on many compilation albums and always had the audience singing along. Other notable tracks from the album were Scarawag, Shannigan, Codeine, More than the Colour Green, and Sweet China Lady. In 2005, with the exit of drummer Vasanth, came the entry of Maynard Grant on drums. LBG produced and performed an acoustic tour with songs from the Wallet and their upcoming album to better their skills as musicians and kickstart the writing process for their third album. On 14 November 2006, LBG released Bad Children with 11 massively power-packed songs. To promote the album, the band self-produced a full-fledged music video for the song, Basics of Life, and was aired on SS Music for many months during the late night show after the release. They performed a series of gigs all over the country like Distil (Chennai), Asian House (Pondicherry), Legends of Rock (Bangalore), Hard Rock Cafe (Mumbai), and Unwind Center (Chennai and Bangalore), and sold 2300 copies worldwide between 2006 and 2008. Bad Children was nominated for Best Indian Rock Album of the year by RSJ Readers poll in 2007 along with artists like Pentagram, Taaq, Blackstrat Blues and Dream Out Loud. Songs like Super Cat, Soma, Part of Me, and Breathe were crowd-favourites and the title track, Bad Children, was compiled on the Stupidities Vol. I (a Un-Metal compilation of music from all over India). In 2009, LBG decided to get back into the studio to record their fourth album, but were hit by a series of distractions and writer's block. To tackle the problem, LBG inducted James B Boskey on the keyboards/ orchestration, and the band began exploring a new sound. In the middle of 2009, Praveen Heinrich decided to go solo and leave the city in search of greener pastures. In the pursuit to fill his shoes, Arjun and Aum started music lessons and vocal coaching while scouring the city for a new vocalist. As side projects, Aum co-founded a blues trio called Blues Conscience and the J Bros, and Boskey founded Bonfire Collective, a pop band/music school with Jerry John (JYG) on drums. LBG announced a hiatus in 2010 to its fans as it took some time to pursue new ventures both musically and personally. The experience was a much-needed recharge by foraying into other styles of music and collaborating with vocalists, rappers, visual DJs, music DJs, percussionist, sound engineers, lighting engineers, animators, photographers, etc. In mid 2010, the Janakiram brothers released 'Free' under the LBG banner, which is, to the best of their knowledge, India's first experimental LIVE-jam video album consisting of 14 songs with footage from Creative Commons video library. Creatives Commons acknowledged the project as a massive undertaking from India. As Bonfire Collective, they also released an anti-corruption song, titled Mr President, which has a full-length animated video. In August 2011, after a brief hiatus, LBG returned to the scene feeling better than ever with a new lineup – Arjun Janakiram on vocals/ guitars, Aum Janakiram on vocals/bass, Avneet Janakiram on lead guitars, Hari B. Boskey on keys, Marky Spitneck on drums, and UD Kiran behind the console to start promotion of their fifth studio release, Wake Up...Break Up, which is currently in it post-production stage and, for which, release dates will be announced shortly.

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