Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif

Katrina was raised by a single mother, Suzanne Turquotte with her 7 siblings.

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Katrina was raised by a single mother, Suzanne Turquotte with her 7 siblings. Out of all the 8 children of Suzanne, Katrina is the only one who is half-Indian as her father, Mohammed Kaif, a British citizen, is originally from Kashmir. [4]Express.co.uk.Because of the fact that Katrinas mother, Suzanne Turquotte used to teach English as a foreign subject in different countries, they had to move to different countries. Katrina was raised in Hong Kong, China, Japan, France, Switzerland, Poland, Belgium, and other European countries. Her family moved to Hawaii and then to her mothers home country, England when she was 14, where she lived for 3 years before moving to India.Katrinas parents got separated when she was very young, her father has never contacted them after the separation. When asked about whether her father has ever tried to contact her after she became famous, Katrina replied:.She never attended a regular school because of frequent relocations of her family.Mother Suzanne made a singing troupe with her children to sing at orphanages all over Asia.When she was 14 years old, she won a beauty contest in Hawaii, after which she started receiving modeling assignments.She came to Mumbai, accompanied by her sister, Christine in 2003 to audition for the film Boom.Katrina and her sister, Christine, came to Mumbai with Rs. 4 lakh. Christine returned back to London but Katrina decided to stay in Mumbai to make her career in Bollywood and if she runs out of money, she would go back and re-join her college in London.Katrina Kaifs original name is Katrina Turquotte but her debut film, Booms director, Kaizad Gustad and producer, Ayesha Shroff (wife of Jackie Shroff) decided to give her a new name which could connect with the Indian audience, he decided to change her surname to Kaif.[5]Mumbai Mirror.She was supposed to make her Bollywood debut with the film Saaya, opposite John Abraham, but later she was dropped because she couldnt speak Hindi at that time. The same year, she made her Bollywood debut with erotic film Boom.


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