Karan Singh Magic

Karan Singh is a magician, hypnotist, mind reader, psychological illusionist, chicken eater, book reader, dog lover, and indeed an illusion!

New Delhi, Delhi

MAGICIAN(Close up Magicians,Hypnotist,Illusionist,Mind Reader,Stage Magicians)


Karan Singh started doing magic when he was a teenager. Being a shy awkward teenager in school, he could only muster up the courage to perform for his grandparents, and shook uncontrollably the first time he went on stage. He describes that as a beautiful feeling as it was the starting point of his career as this mind boggling illusionist. He mixes modern magic, with traditional psychology, which can give the illusion that he read minds. They managed to sell 600 tickets for the magic show, Venexis in 2015 on Christmas Eve and realized that he can Expectedly do this for a living. This show remains the biggest learning experience of his life.

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