Jyoti Gill is an acclaimed Jagran Singer, with nemrous hits to her name and a wide popularity in Punjab. Has received multiple awards, honors and contracts.


Jyoti Gill started her singing career from childhood. She learnt the basics of music from her father Shri. Billu Gill ji because her father was a famous religious singer. Despite her small age Jyoti, led by her passion for singing, used to join her father in ‘Jagrans’.

This passion become a profession when her first album ‘Hor sataouna theek nahi’ released in the year 1999. With this album Jyoti became the first female singer of Indian Punjab to sing ‘Qawwali’. This album was a big hit that time and the people applauded her work.. Doordarshan’s Punjabi channel DD-Punjabi broadcasted this qawwali without any charges many times.

Because of this huge success, the Indian societies, clubs, organizations and Jagran committees honoured Jyoti with many awards, some of the likes of ‘Best Singing Award’ and ‘Narinder Biba’ awards. She became a household name, known for her Qawwalis and Jagran singing. She started picking up on her initial success and soon catapulted herself into the wider diaspora by liaising with other artists across multiple platforms and collaborated with several religious and cultural committees to become the go-to singer for their festive occasions.

She has a warm and cheerful presence and easily gels with her audience, be it a religious occasion or even a party-style hangout. She loves connecting with her audience and makes sure that each and everyone has a gala time whenever she is around. She's pretty flexible with her work and can easily come up with the required repertoire of songs to entertain.

She has released albums with T series, Sony Music, Priya Audio, Speed Record, Goyal Music, SMI, Anand Music and New Tone Music.
Performance Details
Performing Members 1
Off-Stage Members 0
Performance Duration 90 - 180
Open To Travel Nationwide
Location Bathinda,Punjab
Events Preferred