Judas Ancestry

Judas Ancestry is a six-piece metal outfit that channelizes its focus and efforts in creating music that sounds evil and dark

Guwahati, Assam



Judas Ancestry is a LIVE band based out of the capital city of India, New Delhi. Ever since getting together, the band started to channelize its focus and efforts in creating music that sounds evil and dark. The band's beliefs are well described through their songs and lyrics. As of 2015, after shifting their base from Guwahati to Delhi, Sandeep stands as the only remaining original member of the band. Band Members: Sandeep Sarmah – Lead Vocals Abhishek Kumar – Guitars Sachin Agarwal – Guitars Sushmit Mazumdar – Bass Suraj Mishra – Keyboards Rahul Rawat – Drums Performed at: Stormbringer-1 (2011) with Arihant, Exalt, Phoenatic Rainage and Alien Gods Metanoia 2011, Tezpur University (Finalists) Featuring Bhayanak Maut Rocka Rolla Metal Fest with Dark Carnage, Fatal Malice, Arihant and Theorized (Bengaluru) Phobiax 2011 (Runners-up) Nokia India Fest (Launch-Pad) AEC Pyrokenesis (Runners-up) IIT Guwahati, Alcheringa (Rock-o-Phonix) 2012 NIT Kurukshetra (Headlining) GMC Synchisis Py-Ro-Xia (Finalists) 2012 Let's Rock Show (Reality TV Show) Mainstream Massacre Season-I with Phoenatic Renage, Virgin Creep, If Hope Dies (Darjeeling), Disfigured Savior & The Mechanix (Bengaluru) Helloxia 2012 (Winners) Kissing Flies Guwahati Leg along with Still Status (Shillong), Insane Prophecy (Guwahati) and Albatross (Mumbai) Hammerfest 2012 (Winners, also awarded ‘Best Vocalist’) Avaroha Battle of the Bands (East Zone – Joint Winners) NE ROCKS (Runners up) NE ROCKS Main Event with Plague Throat, Rain of Hearts, Krossfeat and Fatal Malice Fireball 2012 with Dark Carnage, Midnight Garden Factor, Chronic Xorn, Cypher16 (London) and Dawn of Demise (Denmark) Rockathan, Jorhat (Headlining) featuring Killer Instinct Metanoia 2012, Tezpur University (Runners up) with Fatal Malice, Tick's Talk, Riffage and Farrago Aimt Presents Rock Rules, Shilpgram, Guwahati IIT Guwahati, Alcheringa (Rock-o-Phonix) 2013 Top 5 in Royal Stag present's Shillong Rock Fest, 2013 RIST Octaves (Top 3 with ‘Best Keyboardist’ award) Stormbringer-7 (Pub Rock Show) with Jupiter Island, Fatal Malice, Magnum Opus and Work in Progress Shillong Battle Rock (Open Beat Contest) Wacken Battle Rock (East Zone Auditions) Metal O' Honor (Finalists) NE Rocks Season 2 (Finalists) Raw Mortality, Marine Engineering College and Research Institute, Kolkata (Guest Band) alongside Plague Throat (Shillong), Kryptos (Bangalore), Sycorax (Darjeeling), Chronic Xorn (Kolkata), etc. Rock Rising 2013 (Headliners & Runners Up) Headliners of Blastogenesis 2.0 (Silchar) Into Glory Ride III with Midhaven (Mumbai), Aberrant (Shillong), The Hobo's (Kolkata) and Press Select (Guwahati) Rock Rising 2015

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