Ishkaran Singh Bhandari

Ishkaran Singh Bhandari

Ishkaran Singh Bhandari was born in New Delhi into an affluent family. He grew up studying in an elite school and college.

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Ishkaran Singh Bhandari was born in New Delhi into an affluent family. He grew up studying in an elite school and college.While pursuing his LLB program at the Amity Law School in Delhi, he used to represent his college in several moot court and debate competitions.After completing his law degree and having received his law license in 2007, he started practising law in the court of law.He started his law career working under BJP leader Dr Subramanian Swamy and has been a loyal associate of him since then.He has handled several high-profile cases in his career so far and in specialised in cases related to Regulatory Compliance, Corporate Litigation, Civil Litigation, Criminal Litigation, Privacy Matters, Industrial Disputes, Drafting Contracts, Labor Disputes, Arbitration Matters, Banking Laws, Petitions and Waivers.Under the guidance of Dr Subramanian Swamy, he filed a PIL in the Supreme court of India to get same legal treatment for the juvenile as for the other adults accused in the 2012 Nirbhaya Gang-rape case.He is counsel for the victim in the murder case of an air-hostess, Anissia Batra.He has been one of the lawyers of Asaram Bapu in his infamous rape case since the initial lodging of FIR. After Asaram Bapus conviction in the rape case, he is still struggling to get his bail.He filed a petition in the High Court of Delhi requesting a court-monitored investigation by creating a multi-disciplinary Special Investigation Team (SIT) which should be headed by CBI to probe into the death of Late Sunanda Pushkar, wife of INC leader Shashi Tharoor. [4]Indian Kanoon The petition resulted in Delhi Police filing submitting a charge sheet in the matter. [5]The Economic Times.He was part of the lawyers team which fought for shifting the authority and management rights of Chidambaram Temple Case from the state government to the priests of Chidambaram Temple.


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