A Delhi based progressive metal band experimenting with new sounds and always trying their hand at something new!


Immoral Values, a project turned into progressive music band from India. The project was started by Rohan Daniel in order to create controversial music which has never been into the ears of a listener. A highly criticized music which is not technical with competency to not being lame. Challenges to be faced by every music created, this band is doing the best they can at improving and showing potential to the crowd.

Being able to unlearn and learn again, going back to the roots, learning time and value, creating immorality for a purpose that is moral. Inspired by versatile musicians and bands/artists the band turns to be diverse in any way possible and taking big risks in the musical endeavors and trying hard to change the stereo typical scene in India.

All songs written, composed, recorded and performed during the studio sessions were by Rohan (Guitars) during the early stages of the band being formed, looking further Aditya (Drums) Dushyant (Bass) Aashish (Guitars) later joined looking forward to only play the songs recorded live onstage.

The band is very hard to find playing live in India due to lack of substantial equipment and technology and is interested in doing more research and development of their sound and material being constructed at the headquartersAfter Skyharbor they were the 2nd band to be on Euroblast Festival 2014.