Humming Bird

A Bangalore-based LIVE pop-rock band whose melodious setlists are a treat to the ear

Mumbai, Maharashtra

LIVE BAND(Indie, Tribute, Pop, Rock n Roll, Bollywood)


Humming Bird is a pop/rock LIVE band based out Bangalore, and was formed in 2014. It is headed by the versatile vocalist, Neethusha Cherckal. With an exceptional voice quality, Neethusha casts a magic a spell on her audiences, while her powerful melodies compel them to get on the floor to dance. Neethusha’s Humming Bird features Lionel D’Mello on keyboards; he also plays string and wind instruments along with providing backing vocals. Joel Milan Baptist plays drums; Loyson Corda takes on the bass guitar while Jason D'Souza is the lead guitarist of the band. Humming Bird’s set-lists are fresh and relatable.

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