Humal Decible is Delhi-based band; they have been performing in various events and gigs all across the region and delivering wonderful performances


Humal Decibel is a LIVE band based out of the capital city of India, New Delhi.
When the minds resonate, there can be endless possibilities. Humal Decibel one such possibility and it has been established with a primary goal of making unique genre/style of music.
Band Members:
  • Mani Kingkar Das – Vocals, Guitars
He has been practicing western vocal since his childhood and is an active member in Delhi music circuit. He loves classic rock, blues and Bollywood songs with modern twists.
  • Uday Jamatia – Rhythm Guitar
He is a self taught musician and plays rhythm guitar. Besides, he is proficient in mouth organ, flute, keyboard and backing vocalist.
  • Anurag Chandra – Guitars
Hailing from a family of musicians, he is fluent in lead guitar also plays bass guitar with equal ease.
  • Kunal Gaur – Percussion
He is a talented percussionist and can play several percussive instruments.