In the new brigade of musicians coming from Chhatisgarh, Harshit takes the lead and proves his worth with a single touch of the strings of his guitar.


in this age of such easy access to almost everything at the touch of a screen, live music still has its charm and never fails to surprise the audience.
One such performer to know the nuances of music and to possess ?a fine set of guitar skills is Harshit from Raipur. Known in the new music scene because of his guitar playing skills and because of the way he connects with the audience.
Open to performing across the country on almost every event ranging from Social gatherings to restaurants to inaugurations to private parties ?and charity events, Harshit is an instant favourite.
So just when you are stressing yourself about the lack of an electrifying performer, give Harshit a try and give your dull events into a complete turnover.
Performance Details
Events Preferred Campus,Charity,Corporate,Exhibition,Fashion Show,Inauguration,Private Party,Professional Hiring
City Raipur
Performing Members 1
Off-Stage Members 0
Performance Duration 90 - 120
Languages Hindi
Open To Travel Nationwide
State Chhattisgarh