One of the most reputed and famous names in the anchoring world , Gittika Ganju is a winner of †œfive best anchor† award and many more awards.


Packed with charm and beauty, GitiKka has been a successful anchor from the start of her career. Gitikka is a dream anchor for any kind of an event. Through her presence and experience, she knows what an event needs in order for it to be a success. Throughout her career, she has made a lot of appearance on the national tv by hosting famous shows, seminars, conferences. The famous news show †œMain Bhi Chowkidar† were the respected Prime Minister, Mr. Modi was hosted by Gitikka is just one of the many top projects done by her. The opening of Pravasi Diwas and the Empower wow awards Asia, 2019 were also hosted by this exceptionally talented host. The famous news 24 daily primetime food show †œSehat ki rasoi† was another big project of hers in 2018. She has won many awards which back her successful and long career and her reputed name in the nation.Not only she is the winner of the best 5 anchor award but she was also awarded as the †œartist of the decade† for 2018 at the Wow awards, Asia. Named among the ten most powerful women in Indian Live industry, Gitikka is still looking forward to achieving more awards and fame through her hard work.
Performance Details
Performing Members 1
Off-Stage Members 0
Performance Duration 240-360
Open To Travel
Location NCR / Delhi,Delhi
Events Preferred