Geetika Chakravarti

Geetika Chakravarti

Geetika is excellent in her field and knows her work; she has the magic wand and can reshape or transform the look completely!

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Geetika Chakravarti is a makeup expert and is quite renowned in the city of Nawabs, Lucknow. She has lived in seven countries – Switzerland, Bangladesh, Canada, India, Tanzania, Romania and Ireland – over a span of 23 years and has come to one conclusion – Do what your heart desires! She graduated in Psychology from York University, Toronto, but decided that her heart lies in beauty and makeup. Her experiences and knowledge (including working at Sephora, Toronto) tell her that every person has features worth enhancing and makeup has the power to do just that. That is why she lives and breathes makeup! As her work says, Geetika is an expert of the art of makeup and gives the best results. Also, she is quite innovative and keeps herself abreast with the upcoming trends and 'IN VOGUE' stuff!


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