Folk Tantra is a popular band from West Bengal with five tremendously talented musicians who are headed on a musical journey together!

Kolkata, West Bengal

LIVE BAND(Alternative,Pop,Rock)


Folk Tantra is a folk-fusion band from Kolkata, West Bengal who have performed at multiple prominent events across the country and have proudly represented folk fusion! The band functions on a very basic principle which is ‘passion for music’!  The five band members who share a great rapport with each other believe strongly that music truly has tremendous power that transcends all boundaries and touches hearts. The band Folk Tantra specializes in contemporary, pop, rock and of course folk music! They are even into Bollywood music and get an awesome response from the audiences every time they play latest popular Bollywood tracks! Their live shows and stage performances are a hit! The band has years of experience and have pulled off several successful shows back to back. Meet the young and lively team of Folk Tantra! Diptendu is the lead vocalist of the band who is a supremely skilled artist. Biley is the charming guitarist while Kunal is a striking keyboard player. The bass is handled by the talented young musician Anup and Abir is the fun percussionist and drummer. Together they make a great team and create magic with their music!    

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