Fire Hunk Dance Academy is a dance studio based in Pune that caters to all types of dance forms!

Fire Hunk Dance Academy is a professional dance troupe based out of Pune, Maharashtra. The school offers classes in street dance.
Street Dance is continuously evolving and incorporates many different styles such as jazz, hip-hop as well as smooth style of contemporary. Classes are fun and energetic and provide a great way to exercise and meet new people.
It has been proven that best years of learning starts from the age of three. Thus, Pratik Kale would like to train, not only the seniors and sub seniors but also the small kids.
He will make the toddlers understand the idea of body language, body flexibility and, of course, dance, which will increase their skill of concentration and focus.
Each class is full of energetic rhythm and dances. Kids move to the fun beat of pop and hip hop music. They learn simple street moves, jumps, and turns. This class uses peppy Bollywood and hip hop music.
Performance Details
Off-Stage Members 0
Performance Duration 60 - 90 Minutes
Open To Travel Nationwide
Location Pune, Maharashtra
Events Preferred

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