Feeding In Atlantis

Feeding In Atlantis is a progressive metal band that keeps the crowd shouting wildly for more with its power-packed performances!

Panaji, Goa



Just when you think djent and progressive metal could get stale, a band like Feeding In Atlantis shows up. The Goan progressive metal band, influenced by the likes of Animals As Leaders, Periphery and Opeth, started out as guitarist Odin de Sa’s solo project in 2012. Two years later, Odin de Sa has recruited members to perform LIVE and released Feed In Atlantis’s debut single, The Firefly, from their upcoming album, Sustaining The Kraken. Last month, Odin de Sa, who is also part of the progressive metal band, Within Ceres, recruited Mumbai-based drummer, Jairaj Joshi, from the alternative rock band, Teemeer and the Cirkle, bassist, Aaron Braganza from Goa metal band, Embers of a Perfect World, and vocalist, Rahul Rao, from progressive metal band, Beyond Eternity. Feeding In Atlantis also features guest musicians from across the world on tracks like Sustaining The Kraken. While The Firefly featured Ukranian vocalist Mary Koblova, the band’s next single Canyons, features Scotland-based guitarist, Jake Woodward. Odin de Sa adds that he has even outsourced production, mixing and mastering to Danish producer, Simon Ottzen.

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