A Pune based anchor, she possesses various talents up her sleeve.


Farha is one of the most talented and skillful people one can come around. An anchor and model, she has been successful in both of these works. Holding an MBA degree, she is a successful businesswoman as well. As an anchor she has worked and hosted some big events which included artists like Emiway Bantai, Aastha Gill, and Yogi Amrit Raj. She has been trained Anjana & Karl Mascarenhas of DIVA - a renowned Pageant Training and Finishing School, it helped her to enhance her modelling and anchoring skills as well. As a model, she has been a runner up in Ms. Pune (2016) and the runner up in Mrs. United Nation (2018). Her biggest achievements in her modelling career has been bagging the Mrs. India Crown in 2016 and then winning the Mrs. Asia crown in 2018.
Performance Details
Performing Members 1
Off-Stage Members 0
Performance Duration 240 - 300
Open To Travel Nationwide
Location not provided
Events Preferred