A producer who has got releases on international labels, an online radio show, the patience to dig up new music, and turntable skills.

NCR / Delhi, Delhi



An electronic music producer with stories to tell about the dark side, Fabulist identifies with the ethos of slightly trippy, nuanced beats that can take the audience on a journey. That said, a Fabulist set relies on sudden BPM changes, moves from percussive tracks to melodic compositions, and plenty of experimental music. Multi-tasker, Producer and all round musical talent – Fabulist has been working hard on a new and exciting breed of electronic music and with his first releases lined up for the back end of 2014 – we’re happy to introduce you to a talent that’s got a bright future ahead of him. Never a mind to be rested, Fabulist boasts a relentless work ethic that keeps him constantly working forward. No doubt a highly creative mind – Fabulist sets out to rubbish speculation that all electronic music is soulless and void of any deeper meaning than a producer sitting at a computer clicking buttons and twisting dials. Every project that Fabulist undertakes starts with a concept, be it a story, emotion or theme – he sits down with a clear goal and writes a story, with synths, samples and production tools as his pen.  Hailing from a small town in India, Bollywood was a clear and dominant influence on his early musical voyages. Exploring new sounds, genres, cultures and movements in music gave him a rich and varied palate to draw from. In a country that was still taking baby steps in the electronic music game, it wasn’t until Fabulist looked beyond his country’s borders that the vast world of electronic dance music was exposed to him. Citing Indian music legend A. R. Rahman as a key influence, the fusion of electronic music into more traditional soundscapes was what pulled Fabulist into the music we all know and love. A love affair with 90s Hip Hop and the likes of Benny Benassi and other internationally acclaimed producers gave him a well-rounded taste that’s audible in his ever-varied and unique-sounding productions. Some can list 1000 producers that spark ideas for them – but Fabulist looks to life experience and the world around him for inspiration - another unique facet of an artist that looks at music from new and interesting standpoints. Often dark, experimental and trippy – the Fabulist sound is a specialist project that’s designed for the more open-minded music listener. It’s a technical and sometimes hard-edged sound that’s less main stage and more suited for the warehouses. So what does Fabulist mean? “Fabulist means a storyteller. The name is true to the purpose of the project, which is intended to make electronic music more than just beats.” – it’s an on-going project that strives to give dance music a deeper meaning than the often-simplistic layers that make up the genre. With the first line of releases coming in the not-so-distant future – anyone with a love for something new and original in dance music will be glad to have Fabulist on their radar. Stay tuned for the first outputs of Fabulist – a new story in electronic dance music.

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