DJ Essayy is an extremely-gifted and talented music composer and producer; what drives him is his passion for life and music

New Delhi, Delhi



Essayy aka Siddhant Grover is a professional DJ based out of the capital city of India, New Delhi. He is an extremely-gifted and talented music composer and producer. What drives him is his passion for life and music. Started as a guitarist in various rock bands and winning competitions all around his city, he began to develop his interest in electronic music. Being a guitarist for years, experimenting with chords and making new sounds was his interest since the very beginning. As soon as he developed his interest in electronic music, he started his own electronic music projects with various local artists. After launching four tracks with his former project, he parted ways because of the lack of growth and opportunities and started making his own music. He has performed in different venues locally, including ASOM, Crowne Plaza, Grand Royal, etc. His passion never lets him stop to a limit. Being a music producer, he makes his own sounds in his own studio that he set up a few years back. DJ Essayy doesn't belong to a musical family. He is the first of his kind in his entire family to take up his passion as his profession. His hard work and patience has helped him evolve into the artist he is today. With his debut track 'Let's Get Started' getting a positive response from the listeners, his following is constantly expanding. For those who enjoy having the music loud, and crave for some good electronic melodies, this is the artist to watch out for. His tracks are available now at all leading digital retailers on the planet.

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