Emcee Lavy

Emcee Lavy

Lavy based out of Chennai is a superbly beautiful host with charming elegance and mature understanding of the art.

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Lavy is a professional anchor, host, entertainer and corporate presenter, based out ?of Chennai, India. This pretty, beautiful and confidently elegant lady is a star in her own right. Lavy can easily be counted amongst the best hosts of the city. Lavy is MBA graduate, with very refined communication and verbal skills. It started off with hosting college events and functions and soon turned into a full-fledged ?career. She has since then carved out a superb reputation with her stupendous hosting skills across numerous events. She has hosted numerous wedding functions, sangeet, corporate events, award shows, game shows, entertainment shows, parties with efficacy. Lavy loves to interact and engage with the audience, she is superb at accessing the mood and steering it carefully and subtly in the right direction. She is fun, pretty, confident and always up to the task. One of the most elegant and graceful hosts around, she always charms the clients and the audience. ? With a number of satisfied clients ready to vouch for her, she has really made her work speak for herself. Her professionalism skills and experience, as well as the energy and humility that she brings in, mak?es her class apart.  


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