Having a love for singing since the age of 14, she has gone on to make a name for herself.


Based in Bengaluru, Ekta grew up in Kolkata and learned the art of music they're only. Initiated into music by her mother at the age of 4, she developed a keen interest in it by the time she turned 14. When in Kolkata, she has worked alongside big artists such as Nayan Shahji and Mohd Aslmaji. Now having experience of more than 25 years and having performed in more than 1700 events, she is one of the most experienced singers that one can find. She excels in many genres, which makes versatility her biggest strength. Now in Bangalore, she has her own Production house titled "Ekta S Productionz". Under her banner, she has nurtured a lot of young singers and has made sure that she passes her knowledge to people who are keen to get it.
Performance Details
Performing Members 1
Off-Stage Members 0
Performance Duration 90 - 120
Open To Travel Nationwide
Location Bangalore,Chandigarh
Events Preferred