Dr Wolfgang Messner

Dr. Wolfgang Messner is available for keynote presentations at corporate events and conferences in India and around the world

New Delhi, Delhi



Dr. Wolfgang knows that sitting through a boring speech is utterly painful - so he keeps things a little edgy and full of examples to craft presentations that are educational, motivating, and - last but not least - entertaining. His presentations are never off-the-shelf, but always updated, customized, and adapted to the needs of the conference organizer or the corporate. Wolfgang Messner has presented at events in Czech Republic, Germany, India, The Netherlands, and U.K. to audiences including entrepreneurs, B2B businesses, IT & BPO companies, business school students, and more. His satisfied audiences have included: BICCNet, BITKOM, EEC Expat Entrepreneur Circle, Emerge Conference St. Gallen, Henley Management School, IBC Global Conferences, IIM-B, Jaypee Cement Group, Management Circle, Marcus Evans Conferences, NASSCOM India Leadership Forum, Verizon, and many more.    

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