DJ Rocky

He started mixing at a very early age by involving himself with music genres like electro, hip-hop, progressive, etc

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

DJ(Bollywood,Deep House,EDM,Electro,Progressive)


For DJ Rocky, music includes sounds entirely or predominantly characterised by the emission of a strong and repetitive beats. At the age of 19, he started his career by massively involving himself with music genres like deep house, hip-hop, electro, progressive, and Bollywood. He is the Resident DJ at The Flying Elephant. Performances: Star Rock (Springs Hotel) Escape (Green Park Hotel) Karma (Le Waterina) High Time (GRT Grand) Flames (Le-Royal Meridien) Mixx(Hotel Fortel) Gefforeys (Radha Park Inn) Turf Sports Bar (Le Waterina) No Sky Above (Tangy Resort)

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