DJ Hitesh Hs

Hitesh is a superb Disc Jockey from Nagpur, and he is known for how Youngsters groove to the beats he plays.

Nagpur, Maharashtra

DJ(Bass,Bollywood,Deep House,Dubstep,EDM,Electro,Minimal,Progressive,Psychedelic,Rock,Techno,Trance,Trap,VDJ)


Hitesh is known for the superb energy that he can take people to. He is a DJ from Nagpur. Youngsters go crazy as he sets fire on the stage. He plays genres like Bollywood, Bhangra, EDM, Trance, Bass, Dubstep and the list goes on. Hitesh manages to make evenings of people a memorable, and special one. His guests surely go back home after unwrapping a package of zeal, entertainment and Fun. On 18th July Wednesday, he had a show ‘Ladies Cocktail Night’ in Black Bear Lounge and Restro. Prior to this, he had a show in Mustard Restro Lounge and Bar. The event in Mustard Lounge was a farewell party, and youth were seen grooving to the beats of the famous song ‘Ishq Tera Tapave’  played by DJ Hitesh. When a talented and skilled artist like DJ Hitesh is on board, it is for sure that people lose control over their feet, over their body, and just sway to the flow of Music. Too much spark is added to a party, when the DJ does his job well. Hitesh has gained a great fan following, since the youth who have attended his events, praise him for the brilliant work he does.

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