DJ Charles

He plays the whole spectrum of dance music, starting from hip-hop and reggaeton to funky, progressive, and commercial stuff!

Alappuzha, Kerala

DJ(Bollywood,Deep House,Dubstep,EDM,Electro,Progressive,Trance,Trap,Virtual DJ)


DJ Charles is a professional DJ based out of Alappuzha, Kerala. He has also performed in countries like UAE and East Africa. He was the in-house DJ for Maya Club Nights in Dubai every month. He is the DJ for Gold Mix at Gold FM 101.3 Dubai transmitted every Thursday from 10 pm GST and Friday from 8 pm GST. He spins a whole spectrum of dance music such as Bollywood, house, and commercials with visuals desirable electronica. Desirable electronica is an audio-video DJ show produced and designed by DJ Charles for his showgoers. It is a musical journey with stupefying visuals stroking your view points where Bollywood, as well as regional music, meets electronic dance music. His international mashups are a hit in social media outlets like SoundCloud.

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