Destiny Driven is a Chandigarh-based hardcore metal band formed in 2013; they have done over 50 gigs nationwide!


Destiny Driven is a hardcore metal band from Chandigarh, which was founded by Gulshan Sharma and Abhikshit Sharma. Later, the ones to join were Aman, Abhishek and Rahul. The three of them also play for a band called Blackheart, which is a progressive rock and metal set.

The band was formed in the year 2013 and in a span of three years, they have done over 50 gigs all over India, including in states like Himachal Pradesh and Delhi. They have also played at the Mental Omega that happens in Jalandhar every year.

Destiny Driven is a famous for its performances at college festivals as well, like in IIT Mandi and IIT Ropar. The band has done plenty of corporate gigs and festivals including the Winter Carnival that happens ever year in Manali.

Band Members:

  • Aman Sharma – Vocals
  • Abhikshit Sharma – Guitar
  • Abhishek Sinha – Guitar
  • Gulshan Sharma – Bass
  • Rahul Sharma – Drums