Deejay Freddie

It has been more than five years of swooning the fantastic crowds all over various cities for Freddie

Bangalore, Karnataka

DJ(Bollywood,Deep House,EDM,Techno)


Freddie is a professional DJ based out of the IT capital of India, Bangalore. You would find him on the dance floor, stepping to the beat. It has been more than five years of swooning fantastic crowds all over Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, etc. Private parties, club events, sponsored shows and much more success became a habit as he progressed into it. Bollywood and Punjabi music in his soul and a professional progressive and electronic DJ, he slowly spread into Bollywood remixes and tasted sweet success. He has opened for DJs like Akbar Sami, DJ Nix, Kini Rao, Silent Noise UK, and many more in successful events across the city and other states.

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