Started as a jamming band in early 2009, Death Calm Chaos was looking to take metal music in a different direction and create a sound unique to the band!


Death Calm Chaos is a LIVE band based out of the capital city of MeghalayaShillong.

They are known to perform metal music. The band has performed in numerous eventscollege festscorporate eventsprivate parties, etc.

They have won various awards for their performances. The band also likes artists such as Dark Tranquility, In FlamesAt The Gates, Insomnium, Chastisement and many more.

Band members:

  • Baribor: Vocals
  • Edward: Bass
  • Kyrshan and Malcolm: Guitars
  • Biang aka. Malice (Plague Throat): Session Drummer
  • Iaidon and Nangsan aka. Pep (Plague Throat): Session Bassist
  • Badondor aka. Plum: Drums