Darkfrost is a four-piece avant-garde/thrash black metal band that dwells on only one religion , Satanism!

Palakkad, Kerala



Darkfrost is a four-piece LIVE black metal band based out of Palakkad, Kerala. The band was formed in 2009. Previously, the band always faced problems with its lineup as it didn't have a lead guitarist. The hesitation for most of guitarists to play black metal riffs always gave the band a critical state of mind. The band is still thankful to the people who came as a part of the lineup and worked for it. The band tries to convey, through its lyrics, the innermost feelings of hate, superstitions, blind beliefs, and the powers of hell and Satan. The band runs only on one religion – Satanism! Band Members: Sreenath (Gorescreech) – Vocals Ajay – Drums Nikhil (Nixx) – Bass Maniac – Guitars

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