An Indian pop icon, known for his energetic dance songs; his distinctive power-pitched voice and awesome Bhangra beats are a rage around the globe!


Daler Mehndi inherited the legacy of music from his family and is blessed with versatile power-pitched vocals and a dynamic spirit. His inimitable and innovative style of music is responsible for the elevation of pop music to a degree of reverence that it commands today.

From his bashful folkie yet celebrated debut with ‘Bolo Ta Ra Ra Ra’ to the glam and glitter of the rock-inspired ‘Balle Balle’; from the Internet sensation ‘Tunak Tunak’ to the charm of ‘Ru-Ba-Ru’; from the mysticism of Sufi ‘Bismillah’ to the patriotic ‘Rang De Basanti’, his music exemplifies the aesthetics. Conferred as the Pasha of Pop, Sultan of Swing, The King of Bhangra-Pop, and Sardar of Swing, Mehndi’s route map to musical monarchy is well-trodden.

Mehndi’s high voltage performances – the ‘Powerhouse Performer’ – packaged with admirable choreography and famous hook dance steps, create an atmosphere that is highly contagious.

Beyond the fiery passion for music and the exuberant sense of style, is a man who has a zeal for the environment. A philanthropist to the core who is deeply spiritual. Always dressed in signature self-designed Maharaja robes, jewelry and turban, his snappy fashion and eye-catching outfits have earned him Elle magazine’s 'Most Stylish Person in Musicaward and recently been awarded as 'Best LIVE Performer' by Global Indian Music Awards (GIMA).

Performance Details
Performing Members 1
Off-Stage Members 0
Performance Duration 60 - 90
Open To Travel Nationwide
Location New Delhi,Delhi
Events Preferred