Sidharth's black metal influences and Vinay's melodic metal influences merged to form Corrode

Bangalore, Karnataka



Corrode is a LIVE metal band based out of the IT capital of India, Bangalore. The band was formed by Vinay Ganesh and Sidharth Manoharan in 2007. Formerly known as 'Atharva', Vinay and Sidharth began rehearsing as a two-piece band. Sidharth's black metal influences and Vinay’s melodic metal influences merged to form Corrode. The band’s music has been consistent since its inception. Harsha Neelakantan joined the band as their bassist in 2007. Later, in 2009, Ashwin Alexender and Benjamin joined the group to complete Corrode’s five-piece lineup. The band has played at many college festivals and local gigs. The band went to a year of hiatus in 2009 but returned the very next year. The current lineup of Corrode is going steady, and is in the process of writing and producing their debut album with a touch of melodic metal. They promise it to be different as compared to the singles they formerly released.

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