Colossal Figures

Progressive metal band from Delhi; people recognize them as one of the best upcoming metal bands in the country, having played in festivals like NH7, RSMA, etc

NCR / Delhi, Delhi



Colossal Figures is a band that was founded in December 2009, by some creative musicians coming from diverse backgrounds, and beginning with metalcore.  They quickly transformed themselves to an advanced standpoint, but stayed loyal to their roots, however. The key idea of the band rested not only on delivering heavy connotations of music and stimulating lyrical content, but it also focused on a multidimensional approach to let the listeners think not only fundamentally, but paradoxically, too. The name of the band came from their nonchalant and steadfast attitude towards music. They have toured all over India – from colleges to arenas, and their charm has remained universal. Clockwork Dilation, their maiden album, was released on 10 July’2014, and what followed was a nationwide tour.

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