Chunky Pandey

Chunky Pandey

Chunky Panday is a veteran Indian actor and businessman. The Indian film actress Ananya Panday is his elder daughter.

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Chunky Panday is a veteran Indian actor and businessman. The Indian film actress Ananya Panday is his elder daughter.He was born and brought up in Mumbai. Chunky Pandays childhood picture.He did his training in acting at Daisy Irani Acting School, Mumbai where the Indian celebrities Salman Khan and Sajid Khan were his batchmates. [8]News 18 An old photo of Chunky Panday and Salman Khan.During an interview, he talked about his education. He said, When I started my career, there was a lot of pressure on me to become a doctor, even I have two doctors in my family and I tried, its not like I didnt. But I failed, I got my degree MBBF (Matric Main Baar Baar Fail)..While he was studying at the acting and dancing school Madhumati Academy of Film Dancing & Acting in Mumbai, the Indian actor Akshay Kumar was his junior. Chunky used to provide acting and dancing classes to Akshay. In an interview, while remembering those days, Chunky said, So when I was graduating Akshays much younger than me, four-five years younger than me. Akshay was just joining the school. You know how it is, when you just join, the teachers dont teach you, the senior students teach you. So I used to teach him some dance moves, and some dialogue delivery. He still laughs and jokes about it. Thats why he says in the initial part of his career he didnt get too much work or awards, because of the acting I taught him. He had to undo what I taught him and become a better actor, and thats why hes become Akshay Kumar..Before making his career as an actor, he was a member of a rock band Crosswinds which later, merged with the Delhi rock band Electric Plant..Chunky has worked as a model in various print advertisements and fashion shows. Chunky Panday in a print advertisement.He adopted his nickname as his screen name. In an interview, he shared the story behind it. He said, People think my name is Chandrakant or Chandratma, from which I have shortened it to Chunky. It is unfortunate that your name and nickname, which stay with you all through your lifetime, are not chosen by you! Between Suyash and Chunky, I prefer Chunky. When Pahlaj Nihalani was launching me with Aag Hi Aag in 1987, he had launched Govinda the year before and he also wanted to give me a name from the Ramayana or Mahabharata. But I felt that it wouldnt suit me because my face is modern. Pahlaj didnt even know the meaning of Chunky but his kids freaked out on the name as it was easy to pronounce. Luckily, I got to retain my nickname..In an interview, he denied the fact that he started his career as a bell-ringer student in the song Rocky Mera Naam from the film Rocky (1981). [9]Cinestaan.During an interview, while talking about his debut film, he shared an incident from behind the scenes. He said that while shooting for a scene in the film, he burnt the leg of his co-star Neelam Kothari. He said, Luckily, I had a very short struggle period. It took me just two years to break into films. I was out of college and 23 years old when I got my first break. People struggle for several years before they get a break. But I did go through a lot of rejection. I auditioned for TV roles and film roles but was turned down. Funnily, I got my first break in the most unexpected way. I met Pahlaj Nihalani in the loo of a five-star hotel! We started talking and he asked me what I do. I told him and he told me to come meet him in his office. This is how I got my first break! A still of Chunky Panday and Neelam Kothari from the film Aag Hi Aag (1987) He continued, I remember there was a scene where I had to take Neelam on a motorbike and escape from the shaadi ka mandap (wedding altar). I had done a little bit of training but I still wasnt as good and I dropped her on the bike. Us bichari ka pair jal gaya (She burnt her leg). I felt so bad and I apologised and apologised and it was horrible. So I actually hurt her in the first film with me She was very strong, she continued because she didnt break her leg but she burnt it very badly. But she was a very hard-working and strong girl and she just bandaged it and went back to work. But it was horrible the whole calf had peeled off literally and Im the culprit because I dropped her from the bike..


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