Chugge Khan and Rajasthan Josh

A collective of Manganiyar musicians from Jaisalmer and surrounding villages, who have captivated audiences across the country and the world!

Jodhpur, Rajasthan

LIVE BAND(Folk,Fusion)


Chugge Khan and Rajasthan Josh is a folk band from the colourful state of India, Rajasthan. It was formed in 2009. It is a band that makes music with rhythmic hypnotic desert sounds which embraces traditional and contemporary styles and fusions. It is grounded in the traditions of the Manganiyars and Langas, artists and musicians, who for eras have navigated Rajasthan performing for the Moghul rulers and Rajput princes as well as at weddings, births, feasts and funerals. All the band members learned music from an early age and have been playing together and teaching others for more than a decade. They have performed for many government festivals, tourism events and local and National venues in India. Rajasthan Josh is a band of gifted and accomplished musicians who have played since early childhood and performed all over the globe, in partnership with a wide range of international artists and bands. Rajasthan Josh has been the regular significant act in the music program at the annual Jaipur Literature Festival since its commencement. Their performances are enthralling and extremely popular among audiences.

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