An Indian Live band that displays various flavors of India with their music.


Blue Meadow is a Live band based out in Delhi. Having performed in various parts of the country, they have a significant amount of experience up their sleeves. The band consists of members from different parts of India and that is seen in their music, as there is a touch of all of the areas to their music. The Band plays western music and takes inspiration from world-famous brands which include The Lumineers, Queen and Coldplay. Their primary motive is to let people lose themselves in their music and feel relaxed from all the hassles of life. This is what motivates them to keep making music and make people happy and relaxed. Also, with the help of their music, the band expresses its feeling and various experiences they have had in their lives.
Performance Details
Performing Members 6
Off-Stage Members 2
Performance Duration 90 - 120
Open To Travel Nationwide
Location New Delhi,Delhi
Events Preferred