11 Talented Indian Cover Artists On YouTube, You Must Subscribe To

YouTubeIf you are a living breathing 21st century millennial then you must be familiar with the exploding world of talent and adorable cat and dog videos available on YouTube. Yes, the red and white app in the shape of a play button that you are guilty of watching many times even from your toilet seat! There is an ocean of videos available on YouTube and in this post, we will enlighten you on 10 Talented Indian Cover Artists on YouTube That You Must Subscribe to right away.

1. Kanika Malhotra
This chick is seen performing pop, rock, jazz and Bollywood numbers in Hindi and English at restaurants. That is not all she brings out an amazing vibe on her YouTube channel as well as her Facebook page where you can find her cover videos! They will fill you up with a warm and fuzzy feeling and get you humming to her tunes. Go check her out.

2. Strella Rose
This rising singing queen has millions of views on her YouTube channel. Her famous song Music Machine is a must. Strella has worked with Zee Music and T –Series so it is safe to say that this girl started a music career when she was very young and has worked her way up since then. Her beautiful voice and dedicated work ethic will take her to great heights on her YouTube channel and we wish her all the best.

3. Shivam Vashisht
With over 70,000+ views on his Youtube and Facebook videos, he loves performing Bollywood songs and with his amazing voice and guitar skills, you are bound to fall in love with him. He can deliver Punjabi and Sufi songs and make your heart skip a beat as you listen to his tunes. You will automatically hit that like and share button after seeing his videos!

4. Darshit Nayak
Darshit Nayak is a singer and songwriter from Gujarat. This Gujarati chokro has popular numbers like Tum Hi Ho with has 6 lakh views to Kabhi Jo Badal Barse. He is a rising Youtube star. So what are you waiting for go to his channel and be sure to like, comment and subscribe!

5. Shirley Setia
Shirley Setia needs no introduction. She is a power-packed YouTuber from Hyderabad. Her cover of Bol Do Na Zara is the rage and she is here to stay. With a beautiful voice and a beautiful face, she is an instant diva with her charming personality and lovely music. She has even made it into the hearts of millions of Indians and has a big fan following.

6. Shraddha Sharma
Back from her cover of Main Tenu Samjhwaan Ki, she rose in the YouTube world and then came her Murder 2 cover of the song Haal – E – Dil which went viral and turned her into a YouTube star. She has various Bollywood covers on her channel.

7. Amika Shail
Amika Shail has a beautiful melodious and deep voice which is the magic behind her mind-blowing performances. From her acoustic covers to her instrumental ones and original songs on YouTube, she is the rising star. Her Gerua’s cover is bound to make you play it on a loop. She gets inspiration from her mom and such a strong girl is bound to make it big. Her melodious Bollywood covers are bound to get you singing along with her and leave you feeling happy.

8. Avanie Joshi
Avanie started on Channel V and MTV on teen drama and has now turned to a YouTube star. Her Chahun Main Ya Na brought her into the YouTube hit world. She is a full package of drama and music and you are bound to love her. Her cover of the famous song Banjaara is my personal favorite. It can be yours too if you head over to her channel.

9. Akash Gandhi
He composes his own music as well as does covers on YouTube on his channel 88 Keys To Euphoria. On his channel, he has many instrumental covers of popular songs. If you love Bollywood music you will love his Tuhje Bhula Diya cover on his channel and now his band has grown to become very famous and recognized.

10. Vidya
She is an Indian- American whose passion includes eating, singing and traveling. She learned Carnatic classical music and performs many times as the vocalist of the band Shankar Tucker. She has an electric voice and her covers are a treat to the eyes. They have fetched over five million YouTube hits. Her mashup of Ambarsariya and Truffle Butter is a must-watch.

11. Sanam Puri from Sanam.
The lead singer and guitarist is a YouTube sensation and the band has been invited to perform in several YouTube fan fests across the world. Their channel has millions of views and their music is fresh and engaging. They have bagged collaborations with many from music as well as mainstream Bollywood projects.

So there you have it! 11 Talented Indian Cover Artists On YouTube waiting to be discovered by you. All of them have put in a lot of hard work and dedication. Who is your favorite YouTube Cover Artist? Be sure to let us know in the comments below. Be sure to come back to our website because we will be leading you to your next amazing discovery and you can thank us later.

Hope you liked this blog!

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