Bee And The Buskers

Five obsessed musicians who are trying to have a blast while making original music inspired by the 60s and 70s era, ranging from blues to folk music.

Kolkata, West Bengal

LIVE BAND(Blues,Folk,Indie,Rock n Roll)


Bee and the Buskers was formed by five amateur musicians from Kolkata, who wanted to make it big in the show business. Showing loyalty towards music has always been the primary point of the band, and that is what proved to be their plus point. In its initial stages, the band was known as ‘Joltin' Joe and the Jogglars’, but soon the name got changed as the members found it suggestive of the archaic time. But, just a week before their first gig at The Trincas – on 10th July, 2011 – Durjoy and Tathagata, the then guitar players of the band, settled on the name, ‘Bee and the Buskers’. The line-up of the band has changed many times, but every change made the band more matured – slyly incorporating the sound of each of its new member. A band which was once a rock'n'roll and country band, now covers genres from indie to blues to alt-rock to progressive to rock'n'roll. Presently, Bee and the Buskers has Sounak on drums, Aakash on bass, Bhaswar on violin, Samrat on electric guitar, and Durjoy on vocal, acoustic guitar, harmonica and songwriting.

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