Beat Blasters

The band, Beat Blasters, was formed from the very concept of generating music and melody from rhythm and beats

Kolkata, West Bengal

LIVE BAND(Folk,Fusion,Orchestra)


An all-percussion band, Beat Blasters thrives to compose melodies with drums and other percussion instruments. As a band, Beat Blasters believes in conveying a social message through its compositions based on various themes of world music. The beats and rhythm bear a definite communication for a cause. The word ‘rhythm’ stems from the Greek word rhythmos, meaning any regular recurring motion, or symmetry”. In music, rhythm is all about when notes, chords, and other musical sounds coming in regular intervals. As a result, rhythm is the essential ingredient in all music. The basic musical instrument used in all music compositions are percussion based. Rhythmic beats attract human ear immediately. The band can take the example of its Dhak which is believed to be one of the oldest percussion instrument. The beat of Dhak not only mesmerises but makes a non-dancer want to dance. Band Members:   Appu Anirban Tanmoy Ranit Chiranjit Namit              

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