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Avina Shah

Does Avina Shah drink alcohol?: Yes.Avina Shah is a well-known British singer of Indian origin.

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Does Avina Shah drink alcohol?: Yes.Avina Shah is a well-known British singer of Indian origin.Her elder sister, Hemina Shah, is a singer too, and she is married to Jay Shah, a Singapore-based multimillionaire internet entrepreneur.She started her training in music at the age of 3 from her gurus in India. When she was 16 years old, she performed professionally for the first time. [4]Asian Express.She wanted to become a dancer, but later, she decided to pursue her career as a singer. In an interview, she talked about her musical journey, she said,.During her college days, she started working as a hair and make-up artist. She did make-up of the Indian brides residing in the UK.In October 2010, her debut Hindi song, Tere Bina, was released with an aim to support victims of domestic violence and to donate the revenue to the Southall Black Sisters Charity. It was based on the real life story of Kiranjit Ahluwalia. A Hollywood film was also made on Kiranjit Ahluwalias life titled Provoked in 2006, in which the famous Indian actress Aishwarya Rai played the lead role.With her entertainment and management company, Eastern Illusion Ltd, she has performed live at various stage shows across different countries. Avina Shah Performing in a Stage Show.She has lent her voice for various songs, and some of her singles are Dil Deewana (featuring rapper, Blaze Blackheart and classical Qawwali vocalist, Balwant Panesar) in 2011, Aao Na in August 2013, Playboy (2018), and Husan Di Rani (2020). Husan Di Rani.In 2016, she launched her own beauty products brand, Faces by Aniva..


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