A 5-member band, Atharv is a highly successful Indian band.


Atharva is a band that belongs from Jaipur and have performed in over 300 shows to date. They have performed in Jaipur and other cities as well. Performing in corporate events, stage shows, private parties and various other kinds of events, they are pretty versatile and flexible. They released their own composition †œTu Chal† on 24th March 2019. The song has been well received by the audience and now they are looking for more opportunities which will help them to propel to new glory. The band consists of 5 members and also uses the instruments like Tabla and dholak to make music. Tabla and Dholak help in giving an Indian touch to their music. Members: Abhishek Sharma - Vocalist Anubha Rishi - Tabla Vishal and Yogesh - Guitarists Abhishek Nirwan - Cajon Vaibhav- drummer
Performance Details
Performing Members None
Off-Stage Members None
Performance Duration None
Open To Travel Nationwide
Location Gurgaon,Haryana
Events Preferred