As We Keep Searching is a Post-Rock/Ambient band expressing emotions, life experiences and feelings in the form of instrumental music with some vocals

Ahmedabad, Gujarat

LIVE BAND(Indie,Rock)


As We Keep Searching's music has always had a sense of 'Other ness' to it. An amalgamation of electronic, ambient and post-rock styles, their work has been difficult to pin down from the very beginning. 'GROWING SUSPICIONS' has been a while in coming, but it is the logical conclusion of the first chapter of the Pune based act's career, their transition from just another post-rock act to one of the most stunningly inventive new artists of 2014 now complete. From the opening notes of the cinematic 'The Tattva', cathartic melodies and an ever-shifting sound come to the fore. The album's not big on singles; while 'When will they talk? recalls 90's-era post rock buzz, and 'Shimmer of Light' tips forward into a not so very mainstream version of psychedelic pop, AWKS' EP is best experienced from start to finish. It's music is served up in many movements, taking the oscillating melody of the opening segment and doing wonderful, unexpected things with it. 'In Circles', meanwhile, is almost iPod-ready, bringing to mind the emotional frailty of dreams and wishes: 'why do we always want more than what we Expectedly have?'. Its jubilant break around 42 minutes in is life-affirming stuff. You need this album in your life!

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