For the last eight years, Asquare Dance Academy has been promoting dancing not just an extracurricular activity or a fitness measure, but as a hobby also


Asquare Dance Academy is a three-piece dance troupe based out of New Delhi, India.

They have 11 years experience and have done more than 300 events, which included weddings, corporate events, private parties, college festivals, etc. They do the best events and have been praised for their work. 

They choreographed the ATN Awards, Afghanistan with Jhawed SharifZeenat Aman, and with various others at Nautanki Mahal, Kingdom of DreamsGurgaon.

Asquare has won Anugoonj, an IP University's annual festival. They were also associated with Corporate Games, Delhi 2012, 2013.

The academy was also honored as cultural partner to Delhi Tourism from 2009-12.

Asquare also showcased a semi-annual dance cultural programme named 'Dance Aroma', which involved participation of hundreds of kids.