Straight-forward in-your-face thrash with evil riffs and crushing vocal attacks held together by a grinding bass and aggressively fast drums

Kolkata, West Bengal



Armament is a LIVE band based out of Kolkata, West Bengal. As an extreme metal band, Armament always wanted to achieve the early European thrash sound. Being fully involved in the construction of a tight sound, they find themselves completely devoted to the raw and aggressive musicality that is generated through their sheer passion. The band started off with a very modest idea of creating the music of their choice with Soubhik on the guitars, Sharan on drums, and Indranil on the vocals. It was not long before Rohan joined the band on guitars, and at that point of time, they took off with their original compositions and were able to think of taking thrash metal music to the next level in the city. Unfortunately, their drummer could not continue, and with the exclusion of Rohan due to differences with the band, they were stranded for quite some time. But with the introduction of Sayan on the bass and their youngest member, Ayan on drums, the band stands as the full lineup of Armament.

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