Any Me

The happy-go-lucky boy from the capital who is one of the most esteemed DJs in today's entertainment business

New Delhi, Delhi

DJ(Bollywood,Deep House,EDM,Electro,Progressive,Psychedelic,Trap)


Any Me is a professional DJ based out of the capital city of India, New Delhi. The happy-go-lucky shy boy is one of the most esteemed DJs in today’s entertainment business.   He have four commercial mashup/remix albums under his belt supported by DJs all around the globe like Anthony Gerrard, DJ Esrever, Simon and Phil, Senselexx, Chris Davis, DCKZ, Fiyan, Massive Rock and Scaltromix, Tyrde and Krytek, Noize Faktor, Danny Better, Chris Napster, Hazier, etc.   He has been spinning his tracks in every type of event in Delhi/Mumbai/Pune/Banglore for more than six years. He has been creative with his talent to fit in his music to the right occasion for all his clients. He has been doing regular residency in different clubs, so he spins numerous generous like deep house (nu disco, tropical and chill),  future house (club and groove), progressive and electro house (commercial, bigroom, bounce, funk) and Bollywood dance music (private remixes, unreleased remixes).   He has remixed many songs, produced originals, and collaborated with global artists. His music is beyond boundaries.   DJ Any Me has officially remixed for Una Barkovic (Germany), Saverio Ariemma (Italy), Timothy 'TDC' Coleman (New York), and Alex MH Stone (Britain).

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