Anchor Rocky Gill

A born comedian, a lavish orator and the flame of the show, Rocky Gill is a dynamic anchor who will rock your event.

Indore, Madhya Pradesh

ANCHOR/EMCEE(Anchor,Emcee,Voice over Artist)


Rocky Gill is a professional anchor from Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Rocky is a a multi-talented performer. He is blessed with voice of a singer and an humor of a comedian. A  fascinating, riveting and chucklesome anchor is the soul of a successful party and Rocky Gill is a complete package of all these. He loves to rock the show and thus justifiably became popular as Rocky Gill. As an anchor he has the the pre-requisite necessities such as charm, presence of mind and ability to engage the audience, but he also brings to the table his singing skills. What adds cherry on the cake is the commendable sense of humour he has. With his on-point comic timing and witty attitude, he holds the audience together in a thread and keeps the show lively. Apart from singing, he also is a rapper, and dancer since childhood. He has been choreographing a number of wedding parties too. He just is a jack of many trades. With numerous successful events like weddings, dance competitions and theme parties on his achievement list, he is the heart of a jamboree in his own stylish way.  Looking to ?make your event more vibrant and fun, Rocky Gill is the kind of Anchor you should be going for.

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